May 6, 2011


Dean pushing cores with a core hog

It has been a busy week for the maintenance staff at Sandpines.  Aeration of greens was the main focus.  The weather cooperated nicely, and despite a few equipment problems, we were also able to complete the aeration of approaches.

The precipitation total for April has been updated, and can be accessed by clicking on the precipitation history tab.

I put together a video below showing our greens aeration process.  I have not made many videos, but hopefully it will give you the general idea of what goes on at Sandpines during greens aeration.  There is a short clip in the video showing the TB 200 brush, which we were able demo during the greens aeration process.  For more information on the TB 200 contact Mike Powers at A&L Supply.

I would like to thank the maintenance staff at Sandpines for their dedication, hard work, and long hours this week during greens aeration.