July 22, 2011


18th hole

I know I keep bringing this up, but the weather at Sandpines has been fantastic lately.  The golf course is also in excellent playing condition.  In fact, we have been receiving a great deal of compliments on a daily basis.  The maintenance staff it doing a great job, and people are taking notice.  Thank you for all the feedback on course conditions latetly, we really appreciate it.

The maintenance staff

Mike and Dean worked together to create a golf shoe cleaning box near the club house practice putting green.  Next time you need to clean your golf shoes give it a try. 

The greens were verticut and top dressed this week.  I decided to make a short video of the process for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see from the video, verticutting can make quite a mess.  Mowing the greens immediately after verticutting gets rid of the majority of the mess, but a back pack blower works great for the final cleanup.  In order to stay ahead of play, we typically top dress the day after verticutting.  The greens are usually mowed with groomers prior to top dressing.  Brushing the greens incorporates the sand into  the turf canopy.