December 16, 2012

Jerry mowing 8 green

If you were golfing at Sandpines on November 6th or 7th, you may have noticed a film crew out on the course. They were shooting video footage for some brand new Nike rain gear that has not been released yet. Most of the filming took place on the 7th hole. I was able to get some pictures of the filming process, but was asked by the producer not to post them until now. It is unclear whether or not the footage will be used in an actual television commercial. The main purpose of the shoot was to provide training materials for the Nike sales team to communicate the advantages of their new product. As I understand it, the product will hit the market sometime next year. If you see a commercial for Nike rain gear over the next year or so, take a close look and may just notice that it was filmed at Sandpines. There is more involved in the filming process than I would have imagined. It takes more people and time than I would have guessed. The pictures below give you an idea of what the filming process looked like.

Friday night, my wife and I hosted the annual Sandpines agronomy staff Christmas party. We look forward to the party every year. It gives me a chance to thank the agronomy staff for all their hard work throughout the year. It has become a tradition that I put together a slide show of pictures I have taken throughout the year and play them on a loop on our television. I think the guys really enjoy it. It also gives us a chance to show our spouses what we encounter out on the golf course. We also enjoy a potluck style meal with good food and drinks. The white elephant gift exchange always provides a lot of laughs, which we can usually thank Steven for. Below are a couple pictures from the party.