March 8, 2013

View from behind 18 green

We have had quite a mix of weather this week. Monday and Thursday were gorgeous with bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine. Tuesday and Wednesday were dreadful and yielded almost an inch and a half of rain.  Today is another spectacular bright blue sky and brilliant sunshine kind of day. The forecast for the next few days looks fantastic with plenty of sunshine. The greens are rolling true, and this weather has me itching to play some golf.

 17 green lightly groomed, and awaiting top dressing

Jerry top dressing 12 green

15 green after 2  days of rain and a fresh mow

Monday was the perfect day to top dress the greens. First, the greens were mowed and lightly groomed. Then, they were top dressed. Next, the sand was brushed in with a GreensGroomer brush. Brushing in the sand provided a nice putting surface right after the top dressing. The rain that followed the next two days incorporated the sand down into the turf canopy so well, that you could not even tell the greens were top dressed.

Thinning trees between holes 3 and 13

The stand of trees between holes 3 and 13 provides a challenge for players who hit their balls there. We have been thinning trees out of this area in an effort to make your escape shots a little easier. The trees provide protection from stray golf balls for players and maintenance workers alike on both holes. The trick is to make the area more playable without reducing the buffer between the two holes. We still need to get the pole saw in this area and take out some of the lower limbs. Hopefully, next time you hit your ball in this stand of trees, it will be a little easier to get out.

Jerry and Steven preparing 12 green for play

It was a productive week for the maintenance staff. The greens were mowed, top dressed, rolled, and fertilized.  The approaches were top dressed and fertilized. Tees were mowed and tee divots were filled. Tree work was performed on the stand of trees between holes 3 and 13, and also to the right of 6 green. Path edging was continued. Tee and green surrounds were spot mowed. Hole locations were changed a few times. Bunkers were raked