May 13, 2015

Beautiful view of holes 16, 17, and 18 on 5/8/15

The Sandpines Agronomy staff has been busy working on the golf course since my last post (nearly 2 months ago). Since that time, the tees and approaches were aerated with 5/8" hollow core tines and are now healed. The greens were aerated with 1/4" hollow core tines and are also healed. The fairways were spot aerated as needed with 5/8" solid tines to help with infiltration. All of the aeration took place using our Toro 648 aerator.

Thaddeus harvesting cores on a tee on hole 15

Jerry solid tine aerating 9 fairway

We recently upgraded our 150 yard markers. The old markers were 1 1/2" white PVC poles. The new ones are 2" PVC poles with black and white stripes. They turned out really nice, and are much easier to see from the teeing areas.

The driving range targets were also upgraded. The old temporary targets were 2" white PVC poles. The new targets are 4" PVC poles. Each target is a different color (red, white, blue, and black). They are much easier to see, and look much better than the old temporary targets.  In addition, the driving range tee has new hitting area dividers, which are made from authentic driftwood.

The hazards stakes were also refurbished. They were sanded, primed, and painted. They are also much easier to see and are looking sharp.

New 150 yard pole on hole 3

Cart path edging is in progress. The process of edging all of the paths is going to take some time, but they look much better after being edged.

The clubhouse landscape has received quite a bit of attention over the last couple weeks. Weed pulling, a few new plants, and fresh bark mulch have made a huge difference in the appearance of the landscape

Clubhouse landscape with fresh bark mulch