February 23, 2018

Number 3 green soaking up the sun

The agronomy staff has been busy since my last post.  Sandpines had a nice stretch of warm sunny weather in early February.  At that time, we were able to mow fairways and most of the rough.  Typically this time of year, mowing is limited to greens, collars, tees, and approaches.  These mowing decisions are based on growth, conditions, and weather.  We were also able to make some foliar fertilizer applications on greens, tees, approaches, and fairways.

Chuck mowing number 12 fairway

Tee markers have recently been refurbished and are looking good.  It always makes a big difference when the freshly painted tee markers are put back out on the course.

The process of reel rebuilding and grinding is in progress.  One set of triplex reels have been completed.  The first set of fairway reels is currently in progress.

Freshly refurbished tee markers

Most recently, we started a bunker project that is transforming our bunker edges from the rough and natural look to more of a traditional smooth and groomed look.  The process is pretty time consuming and labor intensive.  So far it has taken 149 man hours to complete 15 bunkers.

Hole 1 green side bunker before the project

Hole 1 green side bunker after the project

First, the bunker edges are painted.  Next, the edges are cut and hauled away.  Then, sand is added as necessary.  Finally, sand is redistributed and raked.

Cutting the painted bunker edge

Removing the sod edge

Adding sand
Sand redistribution

We recently hired Joe Watson as our new mechanic.  Joe is a great guy and is fitting in well with the rest of the staff.  We are excited to have him.  If you happen to see him around, be sure and say hello.

Our new mechanic, Joe Watson